ENVIRONMENTS (Great site! I bought most of my toys, puzzles, activities and watertables from here. These products are sturdy and you can find toys by developmental stage (so you get the right ones). Environments is the early childhood professional’s source for the best and most appropriate early childhood classroom equipment, children’s furniture, cribs, educational toys, and math, science, and language curriculum materials for child care and early education.

KODO KIDS (Awesome site for activities and ideas!) Kodo Kids is devoted to enriching the lives of children. This is our mission, our livelihood and most of all, our passion!

CENTER ON THE DEVELOPING CHILD, Harvard University. A remarkable explosion of new knowledge about the developing brain and human genome, linked to advances in the behavioral and social sciences, tells us that early experiences are built into our bodies and that early childhood is a time of both great promise and considerable risk. The mission of the Center on the Developing Child is to leverage that rapidly growing knowledge to drive science-based innovation that achieves breakthrough outcomes for children facing adversity.

BYFN (I have brought my children to these playgroups since birth and are a great opportunity for social interaction before preschool, to experience a different environment, and is full of resources for new parents- try and find one in your area!) Beginning Years Family Network provides access to comprehensive services, child development information and educational opportunities to support parents in their role as their child’s first teacher.

NAEYC (Check to make sure your preschool or Kindergarten is NAEYC accredited, it is one of the highest standards. If not demand they apply!) The National Association for the Education of young children, and strives to raise the quality of education for all children from birth through age eight. Accreditation systems are major part of NAEYC’s efforts to improve early childhood education; they allow programs to provide the best learning experiences for young children and their educators by meeting national standards of quality.

The-Fitzgerald-Institute-of-Lifelong-Learning was established to empower children, parents and professionals to promote social, emotional and behavioral competencies.

EDC’s (There are great publications here.) EDC’s mission is to create learning opportunities for people around the world, empowering them to pursue healthier, more productive lives. A global nonprofit organization, we work with public-sector and private partners, harnessing the power of people and systems to improve education, health promotion and care, workforce preparation, communications technologies, and civic engagement.


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