Learn how to “Create a Home of Learning – The Rights Toys and Techniques for the Developing Child (ages 0-9 years)”, to keep children happy, having fun, and learning at the same time!

Understanding how children play and the right toys to provide, will transform the life of your children and open the world of learning and discovery right in your home. Materials and concepts throughout this blog have been developed and used by early childhood practitioners and educators for generations.

This blog is based on a pre-release of the book, to “Create a Home of Learning – The Rights Toys and Techniques for the Developing Child (ages 0-9 years)”, written by the presenter, Jodi Healy. Jodi has a Masters Degree in Education, over 20 years of experience in working with young children, and is a full time mother of 3. This blog will cover experience, knowledge, and practical application typically used and implemented in accredited preschool settings.

Some of the topics that will be covered; how to set up workspaces in the home, the rights toys to target learning domains (such as manipulatives), techniques such as the right activities for fine and gross motor development, rotating toys and materials, transition time and more!



We have the opportunity to facilitate our children with the same toys and tools as early childhood practitioners and teachers. We can offer the same enriching environment and extend the techniques forward for years of learning and discovery.

Children learn while playing! You will see children’s excitement every morning as they enter their work area, eager to “play” and learn. You will actually witness learning happening, over and over. Your child will learn to discover and explore, become confident and independent, and learn to love learning!

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